Saturday, July 19, 2008

Shameless self-promotion. I'm such a bastard!

But I'm a poor bastard, and that's what counts. Hello loyal readers...both of you. I'm just posting to say sorry for not updating lately. I'm going to try to find something good in pop culture to crap on next week, so to speak. But until then I want everyone to know that I'm promoting a novel that I wrote. If anyone has been to my other websites you've probably seen it before and by now you're probably screaming, "Enough already, you pretentious shit head!"

But I can't. Writing is my passion! My calling! Isn't it funny how most of the time when people talk about their passions it turns out to be something they're at least halfway good at? Well, whether or not my writing's worth the cheap ass paper it's printed on is up to you. First off, I love trashy cheesy action-packed time-filler novels, and that's mostly what Nightmare U is. For those of you not in the know, the U stands for University. Yes, that's right. It's about the horrors of the modern American education system!!! Just kidding, it's got demons and psychic powers and guns and stuff.

So look, even if you don't want to read my book, I highly urge you to check out something by an unknown independent author. Who knows? Like a porno in a bargain bin, you might just find a real gem you can sink your teeth into. Because the bottom line is Dan Brown and Stephen King don't need any more of your money.

Here's the link and thanks for taking the time to look.


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