Monday, February 25, 2008

The Crap is Back! Thank God for Pretty Girls

So, anybody who follows that big bastard we call the popular media probably knows that the writer's strike is over. Ya know, I'm not sure what makes me more sad, the fact that all of the TV shows had to go away, or the fact that they're actually coming back. That's not to say that most of today's shows are bad. It's to say that they're awful. Is it possible to be relatively kidding? Oh well, moving on. About the only smart move Hollywood makes these days is casting good looking girls to fill that space between when the show itself starts and when my eyes start to bleed from the stupidity. The pain and subsequent visits to the hospital are worth it, though...sometimes. Okay, so maybe Welcome to the Captain isn't bad, per se, but to say it isn't hilarious is sort of an absolute. I'm just going to pray that the set of The Office gets burned down so many times they finally just pull the plug like they did with Las Vegas. Maybe I'm just insane. I mean, I do enjoy those reruns of 90s series they play on the Sci-Fi channel every now and then. My taste in entertainment has never run with the mainstream, so maybe I'm the one that deserves a cancellation. But until those scary suits show up at my house with their cease and desist orders and prototype laser guns from the future, I'm gonna keep speaking my mind right here on the bloody stool.

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