Tuesday, June 17, 2008

2008 is half over! I haven't done shit! Well, actually...

I have done shit, and that's about it. I've sat around all day thinking of ways to make something more out of life other than actually doing something. And, ya know, every few minutes there was the ugly feeling in my stomach telling me it was time to go rip some crimson. Ever had that type of gassy, bloody diarrhea that sprays out and leaves little specks in the bowl that can't be flushed off? Well, anyway, I think I'm getting off track. The point is, it seems like there's just no reason to get up anymore. Well, aside from my loyal blog readers, er, make that reader. All I remember is that I started this blog towards the end of last year and only four measly posts later we're already half way through the frickin' year. (Insert big ass sigh here). Oh well. At least there's always tomorrow, except I've got an orthodontist appointment tomorrow, and we all know how bad that sucks. But I'll tell you what, it sucks even more being a 5-foot six-inch 22 year old with braces. Okay, okay. That's enough belly aching from me. I'm thinking I might talk about the upcoming Resident Evil 5 game in my next post, but I'm just not sure. Until then though, here's hoping the next half of this year is better than the first. Later.

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